The Chapel

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In the forrest in Rimburg on the top the “Steenberg” rises a beatifull chappel. the Sint Jozef Chappel. This chappel is a remaining result of one year of tough labour by the members of the Rimburg association of veterans. This chappel is a monument in rememberance of the fallen war victims. Here the story of the genisis of the Saint Jozef’s Chappel is told.

The Sint Jozef Chappel in the forretst of Rimburger.


  • 1940: From the village of Rimburg, 20 men service in the Dutch and Belgian army.
  • 10 mei 1940: Beginning of the second worldwar and the occupation of Rimburg.
  • December 1940: “Vereniging Oud-Strijders” (inofficieel) opgericht
  • 11 mei 1941: The first holy mess has been commisioned in gratitude for the healthy return of the soldiers and in rememberance of those who did not survive
  • Oktober 1944: Liberation of Rimburg. The 21 soldiers from Rimburg have survided the years of war
  • 5 mei 1945: Hollans officially liberated
  • 1945: Association of the Old-Veterans 1940-1945 is founded
  • 1947: Initial idea’s to establish a monument in gratitude for the safe return of the soldiers The old veterans initially want to transport the large stone to the marketplace in Rimburg The intend was to use the large stone a war memorial. But this was proven impossible.
  • 1949: Final decision: “We will place the large stone on a footplateand leave it wehre it is now. Also we will build a chappel in the forrest close to the large stone.
  • April 1950: Start contruction of the chappel by 19 members who after their working day, started the work building the chappel.
  • 1950: First idea’s are rising for a association flag.
  • 12 november 1950: First stone placement by the olders inhebitant of Rimburg. Sir Johan Peters
  • 10mei 1951: Association flag blessed and initaited.
  • Blessing
  • 1989: Association “Friends of the Saint Jozef Chappel Rimburg” is founded. Maintenance of the chappel, the rememberance monument and the park like surroundings are still the responsibility of the association. Until then this had been done by the old veterans.
  • 1999: Rememberance monument at the chappel is placed on which all names of the war victims from the cummunity of Ubach Ovr Woms are remembered.
  • 4 mei 2007: “Purple Heart-plaquette” at the chappel revealed
  • 2016: Community flag has been refurbished
  • 2020: Information signs revealed


The first idea

at first, the idea was to use the large stone in the forrest at the “Steenberg” This was a failry large stone hich had been transpoted to it’s place in during the ice age. ” We could carry the large stone to the market place and rise it in rememberance of the days in may 1940, the war and the liberation.” It seemed a fantastic idea but eventually it did not prove to be a realistic plan.

The charter at the first stone placement

In this charter the first stone placement, the most important rememberance moments and the tradisions are documented. Documented and agreed upon on 12th of November 1950 by the old veterans, Pastor Boyens, major Hermans and chairman Huup Vreuls.

In rememberance of the fallen war victims and in gratitude of the fact that the old veterans returned safely from the German occupation during May 1940.

First stone placement

The Chapel

Another idea was launched: ” Why do we not build a chappel? We want to express gratitude and gratitude is expressed to a holy statue. It could be Saint Jozef as he is a special guardian of Rimburg and is honoured since a long time in this community. Both idea’s are combined: We will place the large stone on a footplate, where it is placed now and we will build a chappel close by the stone in gratitude to Saint Jozef.

  • Designed by Mr. Buschow.
  • The old-veterans have build the chappel with support of other vilagers.
  • At construction, materials from the Julia, Laura and Oranje Nassau I were used.
  • The roof has been constructed from rejected transporation belt from the mine and have been cut in slates.
  • The altar has been fabricate from Kunrader stone and the floor and stairs ffrom Bocholtzer stone.
  • The saint Jozef statue with text:” Saint Jozef protect us” has been fabricated by, Mr. Jean Weerts and has been cut from Frensh sand-lime brick. The old veterans had a clear idea for the statue Jozef must be show, walking with Jezus by which Jozef hold his coat around Jezus in protection. In his right hand, Jozef holds his lily baton and he is barefoot.

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