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The flag of the association is now around 65 years old.
The idea to make a flag of association originated in 1949 when the Rimburg Association of Old Warriors took part in a veterans’ meeting in Belgium.
The veterans, all in uniform, black coat, striped trousers and top hat, made a very warlike impression during the parade.

Jef Silvertand was tambour, Joop Toussaint the standard-bearer and Louis Schrijen was sergeant of the week.
The only thing that did not suit the distinguished performance was the flag. It was the national tricolour.

Sint Michel op de vaandel

It was decided to have an association flag made.
In order to get out of the costs it was smuggled. A top hat full of nylon stockings and the necessary packets of cigarettes.
St. Michel cigarettes were a much in demand brand and the logo was St Michel and the dragon.
Who came up with the idea to use the emblem of this brand as the main motif for the club banner is not known.
What is known is that Frans Verreck liked to smoke Michellekes. .
<Bron: Familie Verreck 100 jaar, Remi Verreck>

The flag was made in Simpelveld by the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus.
On Pentecost 1951 the flag was blessed and consecrated.

Because of the many uses over the years, the flag is very worn out.
Where there are creases, the silk is torn.

The flag was presented at Doortje Lucassen on 4 February. She is a textile restorer and as (volunteer) curator/manager of the collection of trade union flags and banners she is involved in the Historical Centre Limburg.

The flag has been preserved and can be used again on special occasions.

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